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t51 then i restarted the server and the box has been unable to start samba since GodDamer, have you tried a reload of the samba service? Yes. I think I did that I ran dpkg-reconfigure -a and then tried to start samba, and it returned an error when I did start samba GodDamer, try a samba restart first... sudo service samba restart start samba rather than start samba-common 'sudo service samba start' did that with the restart of samba. Same error :\n ummm Will try a different set of keys in the meantime ok Also, I'm using a gui for configuring samba. What would be the samba command line for configuring a windows share? I'm using the default configuration of samba GodDamer, you mean the gui that comes with samba? yep GodDamer, no idea I don't have a windows machine to test, but I was going to create a share from a test file and try to connect from a windows machine to that share but it seems like a lot of work to do that from a windows machine. Also, I'm using a non-standard laptop key. I also ran samba-common from a terminal, to see if there was any messages, but there weren't my laptop key only works with linux. So what do I do? *I'm using a GodDamer, if it was working under earlier version of ubuntu, it is quite possible that it is a bug. I would try removing the config files for samba that are in the home directory and reinstall... make sure to back up the directory as well I need to do sudo apt-get install --reinstall ndiswrapper-utils-




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